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Minimum Price Guarantee

Best Price Guaranteed by adults-only-holidays.com.

You are getting the lowest possible price for your room. Guaranteed. If not, we'll match it:

1) You have an existing reservation with adults-only-holidays.com, don’t cancel your room.

2) You contact our customer service after you have finished your reservation.

3) You can still cancel your room.

But wait - if you can't cancel anymore (like when you book last-minute or choose a non-refundable room) we'll still accept your claim if you contact us within 24 hours of booking.

4) The lower price is bookable online and is still available when we check.

5)The lower price is for the same room that you’ve booked with adults-only-holidays.com:

- Same hotel

- Same room type

- Same check-in and check-out dates

- Same booking conditions (breakfast included, non-refundable etc.) .

If we can't match the lower price because of these 5 terms, you keep your existing reservation - including the cancellation policy.

Sorry, no Best Price Guarantee if...

1) You book at a website that doesn't show the exact hotel until after you've booked...

2) … or if you book a hotel room through or in combination with:

- Membership rates

- Frequent stay

- Loyalty points

- Other 'reward' type programs or special promotions of the hotel you booked