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Our Top 5 Reasons to choose an Adults Only Hotel for your summer vacation!

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There are lots of travellers who still don't know the concept of "ADULTS ONLY" and others who just say that they are travelleing to a hotel which does not accept children. Others think that an Adults Only Hotel means an exchange of couples or nudism holidays... whatever your reasons are, we will leave you here with 5 reasons why to choose an Adults Only Hotel for your next holidays:

1) If you have children: Why not make a holiday without them?
Maybe its not at all correct, but we are sure that there are moments, when you just wish to be alone with your partner! Children are fun and a great part of our lifes, but there are moments when you just have to enjoy some time-out, only you and your partner. Children have very different exception of a holiday than you might have, so try it out and take some time for the two of you and book an children free holiday. You will see and notice the difference, when no kids run around at the pool or in the restaurant. Desconnect from all of it and you will get back with your battery charged as one new parent, you'll see.

2) The Adults Only Hotels are specialized in couples.
The hotel is like a home, if you are living as a couple together, everything is specialized and focused on the two of you, a better car, a bigger TV, going out for a movie and afterwards to a nice restaurant... Once children come into the couple these resources change and the priority are the little ones with their needs.
An Adults Only Hotel, is just focused on the two of you, there is no children animation, why the adults only animation is only looking out for you, there is no children buffet and this space is used for specialized food, there are no playground zones at the hotel's garden, there you will find instead balinese beds with relax zone. The Adults Only Hotels look out for you, specially you, to make your holiday as relaxing as possible for you.

3) Relive your passion in an Adults Only.
Lets assume you don't have any kids, then you can switch over to the next point. But if you do have children, then imagine yourself lying in a sun chair with a refreshing drink, while holding hands with your partner. When have you done this the last time? Do you remember? In an Adults Only Hotel you can do this all the time, at the pool, at the restaurant ... wherever you want without any interruption of children.
Just imagine a romantic weekend escape! Your relation ship is worth some more care than the usual timetable. Start over again and remeber the romantic moments you've chared together and relive them as a couple.

4) The Adults Only exist for everyone.
There are not only Adutsl Only Hotels in the 5 star segment for a price only a few can afford to travel to. You will find now tha Adults Only segment in all star categories, even as apartments, landhouses, etc. Of course the luxury section still keep existing and very succesfully by the way. So there is no excuse anymore not to be able to afford yourself a couples only holidays!

5) The Adults Only Hotels are modern hotels.
Are you bored of travelling to the same hotel as always, with the same courtins and furnitures as in the 70s? The mayority of the Adults Only Hotels has been all reformed and reopend as such new segment, which is why mostly all these hotels are lightening up with a new design, new stil furnitures, chill-out corners at the pool side, modern cuisine and renovated services.

Book your Adults Only Hotel now for the best online price and directly with the hotel, here on www.adults-only-holidays.com/en

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