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10 things to do as a couple to relive love

Work, stress, daily life, problems, not getting to the end of the month, over time, everything is taking its toll, and just as it happens to you, it happens to your relationship, which is why it is important to once in a while, break with the monotony, and do activities as a couple, that help to relive the partnership again. Here we leave some ideas;

Cook together
With caution, which can become a fight, but you can try to make some cookies together, which is fun, easy to prepare and you will be able to share an intimate and fun moment with your partner, which will alleviate day-to-day tensions.

Dinner in bed
Do not mind getting it dirty, the day before changing the sheets, but enjoy, order a pizza, a wine, get comfortable, and enjoy a nice dinner in bed while enjoying a movie, the dessert each one of your choice.

Get drunk with your partner (with control)
No need to go to a party with friends to get drunk, just enjoy your partner, invent a drinking game, and get drunk a point, although a couple has a lot of confidence, alcohol disinhibited, and can get to know each other much better.

Kissing in the rain 
Well, the center of adults-only-holidays.com is in Gran Canaria and kissing in the rain can be quite difficult here, but surely if it catches you by surprise, and both are soaked, that kiss will be a kiss you do not forget in a long time

Do something crazy together
Skydiving, bungee jumping, canyoning, diving, are unusual and special. If you do it with your partner, besides feeling a rush of adrenaline, you will strengthen the relation and you will create unforgettable memories.

Travel as a couple
Each trip makes the couple join more and more, sharing experiences, exotic places, enjoying new dishes together, will make your relationship take hold. And  you can stay in an Adults Only hotel ;-)

Dare in your relationships
I do not tell you to buy some whips, and handcuffs (which surely more than one likes) but there are times when relationships can become monotonous. Talk with your partner, explore other roads, other places, look for your relationships to be something special.

Bathe together
It does not have to be a bath, that we are in times of crisis, it can be just a shower, soaping, rubbing, kissing in the shower, how long have you not done it? Besides being fantastic preliminaries, it is an ideal environment to get to know each other.

Remind your partner how you have met
Do not ever forget it and mention it again and again. It will make your partner return to the moment you conquered and will have the same feelings as the day you have met. 

Send a romantic message
Doing it every day could get boring, but its is worth to break during your work once a day, just few seconds, to remind your partner with a short text, that you love him. 

Although perhaps the most important, and I know that I have said 1, and in the end I am writing 11, is that you never forget, to make him see that you love your partner and that you are happy to be with him.


Do not stop surprising your partner!


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